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  1. 1 /3 cup (4 glugs) extra-virgin olive oil 1 small shallot , minced 3 tablespoons (3 splashes) balsamic vinegar Coarse salt and black pepper

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  1. Coarsely chop hearts of romaine; shred radicchio; thinly slice endive lengthwise. Combine greens in a salad bowl. Pour olive oil into a microwave safe dish. Add shallots to oil and place oil in microwave. Heat oil and shallots for 30 seconds on high. Remove from microwave and let stand 5 minutes. (Oil and shallots may be heated over low heat on the stovetop in a small pan for 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from heat and let stand until cool.) Pour oil and shallots in a bowl and whisk in 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar. Drizzle vinaigrette over salad and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper, to your taste.


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