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  1. 15 oz Lamb Shoulder

  2. 1 Bayleaf

  3. 4 Juniper Berries

  4. 4 Black Pepper Corns

  5. 2 1/8 c White Wine

  6. 6 Onions, medium size

  7. 8 Potatoes, medium,cooked

  8. 3 1/2 oz Butter

  9. 3 c Wine, white,dry and cold

  10. 1.Put the roemertopf in water for 6 hours, according to directions for pot.

  11. 2.Cut the biggest fat of the lamb shoulder and cut the meat into 4 cm cubes

  12. 3.Put the meat into a bowl and add the bayleaf, juniperberries,

  13. 1/4 l of the white wine. Put into a cool place, for about 6 hours as the pot.

  14. 4.Cut the onions and potatoes into not to thin slices.

  15. 5.Cut half of the butter into cubes and put all over the bottom of the Roemertopf.Add in layers, a quarter of thepotatoes,onions and meat. Finishing with potatoes on top. Season with salt and pepper.

  16. 6.Add the marinade with another

  17. 1/4 l wine over the mixture in the pot.

  18. 7.Add the last of the butter in globs all over the top, put on lid and bake in very hot oven for 90 minutes. Serve with the cold white wine. Recipe by Wolfgang Kaempf translated by Brigitte Sealing Cyberealm BBS


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