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  1. 1 (1 lb) package cocktail franks 1 (1 lb) package cream cheese 50 sliced pimentos , drained (approximately)

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  1. Heat the cocktail franks according to package directions to ensure food safety. Let cool.

  2. Cut a 1/4" square notch on the side near the end of each cocktail frank (see the picture). This will be the "toenail bed.".

  3. Spread a little bit of cream cheese on the "toenail bed" area.

  4. Place a pimento on top of the cream cheese to represent the "toenail.".

  5. Skewer each "toe" with a toothpick to keep it from rolling around.

  6. Make about an hour before you plan on serving them or the cream cheese gets crusty, which adds to the gross out factor but not the taste. ?


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