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  1. 1 Pound cream cheese -- softened

  2. 1 Pound granulated sugar

  3. 1 Cup sour cream

  4. 7 Large whol eggs

  5. 1/2 Cup Kahlua

  6. 4 Ounces good-quality milk chocolate, such as Godiv -- melted --CRUST--:

  7. 3 ounces good-quality milk chocolate

  8. 3 tablespoons sweet butter

  9. 1/4 cup ground hazelnuts

  10. 1/4 cup crushed cornflakes

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  1. Preparation : To prepare the cheesecake mixture: In a large mixing bowl with a paddle attachment cream together the cream cheese, sugar, and sour cream, scraping down the sides of the bowl often. In a medium-size bowl combine the eggs and Kahlua, whisking them together. Once the cream cheese mixture is softened and lump free, add the eggs in 3 parts, scraping down the sides of the bowl after each addition. In another medium-size bowl place the melted milk chocolate, then slowly whisk in a little of the cheesecake mixture, whisking constantly to create a smooth mixture. Add the milk chocolate mixture back into the cheesecake mixture and stir until completely blended. To bake the cheesecake: Preheat the oven to 300 F. Butter a round springform pan. Pour the mixture into the teflon pan and place in a water bath (a pan holding the cheesecake pan, filled halfway with water). Bake the cheesecake until the center is solid, about 1 1/2 hours. Remove from the water bath and let the cake cool completely. Then chill in the refrigerator. To prepare the hazelnut crust: In a double boiler melt the milk chocolate and butter and stir until completely dissolved. Remove from the heat, and fold in the hazelnuts and cornflakes. Take the cheesecake out of the refrigerator and pour the milk chocolate crust on top. Place back in the refrigerator and allow to set overnight. To serve: When ready to serve, remove the cheesecake from the refrigerator and take it out of the springform pan. Invert the cake onto a large serving plate so the crust is on the bottom and serve


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