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  1. 5 pounds Venison, ground

  2. 5 pounds Pork butt, ground

  3. 1 pounds Pork fat, ground

  4. 2 1/2 ounce Sausage seasoning

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  1. SEASONING: Dan-Dee Seasoning Metairie Louisiana Mix ground meats with seasoning and form into patties 3" in diameter, ⅜ " to ½ " thick.

  2. Place patties on squares of waxed paper, four high, and place six squares in a plastic zip-loc bag and freeze. Recipe makes 78 patties when 5-5-1 pounds of meat used. IMPROVE by using smoked sow belly (Kroger, bacon department) instead of fat pork, This gives smoked flavor to sausage. Makes a very lean sausage which needs water to cook.

  3. Recipe date: 01/16/88 From : Sallie Krebs


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