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  1. 1 large Chicken; put in pot whole & taken out after

  2. 45 min & deboned & added back

  3. 3 pounds Beef; Round Roast hand cut into 1" bits

  4. 1 pounds Sausage; Hot, chunked

  5. 1 pounds Sausage; Wimpy,chunked

  6. 2 pounds Onion; Yellow/White, chunked Vidalia onions, add more

  7. 1 large Jalapeno; Hot, sliced

  8. 1 large Yellow Bell Pepper; chunked

  9. 1 gallon Tomatoes; canned, whole cut up with scissors

  10. 1 gallon Creamed Corn; Canned

  11. 1 quart Pork and Beans; fresh off the tree

  12. 42 ounces Catsup;

  13. cup Vinegar; apple cider

  14. pounds Butter

  15. cup Salt; seenote

  16. 4 ounces Worcestershire

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  1. seenote: salt, adjust seasoning AFTER cooking, there is plenty of salt in the sausage, tomatoes, corn, catsup, and butter. only add the salt if it tastes like it needs it...

  2. Cut up the stuff and add it to the pot. Keep the fire low and stir often until everything is hot and good.

  3. The last time this recipe was entered was at the Chile Cookoff at Stone Mountain Park...

  4. /3/92 it coulda won... Shoulda...

  5. Typed by Mike and Karen Stock ⅛/94 Thanks to Tootie for the help...

  6. Lisa, the directions are lame, but these are the ones I used...

  7. Submitted By MIKE STOCK On 01-18-95


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