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  2. rose leaves

  3. 1 1/2 pounds sugar

  4. 1 pint water

  5. Make syrup of one pound sugar and one pint water, boil to ball

  6. stage when dropped in cold water. Remove from fire. Drop in selected,

  7. washed and dried leaves and flowers (rose leaves (not petals),

  8. angelica stalk, mint or sage leaves or flowers, roots of lovage or violets), pressing down without stirring. These should be thoroughly

  9. dry. Bring syrup to boil again, pour into flat container and set

  10. aside. The second day drain flowers, etc., and add 1/4 pound sugar

  11. to syrup and boil to ball stage. Put in flowers, etc., again bring

  12. to boiling point and set aside. The third day repeat the process

  13. but when syrup comes to boil after flowers are added, stir flowers

  14. lightly until syrup granulates, then pour on sheets of wax paper.

  15. Breakage can best be avoided by separating flowers with fork. Use

  16. for cake and dessert topping.


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