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  1. 2 c All-purpose flour*

  2. 1 c Sugar

  3. 2 ts Baking powder

  4. 3/4c Margarine or butter, Melted and cooled

  5. 1 tb Anise extract or Vanilla

  6. 4 Eggs, slightly beaten

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  1. + Directions : *if using self-rising flour Omit baking powder. You can also use a krumkake iron to make these crisp Italian cookies. Grease pizzelle iron. Heat pizzelle iron according to manufacturer's directions. Mix all ingredients. Drop 1 tablespoon batter onto heated pizzelle iron and close iron. Bake about 30 seconds or until golden brown. Carefully remove pizzelle from iron; cool. Repeat with remaining batter. ABOUT 3-1/2 DOZEN COOKIES; 75 CALORIES PER COOKIE.


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