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  1. A quail egg Brioche bread 1 tsp. Golden osetra caviar A pinch of finely ground cedar chips Chopped chives

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  1. Set up an immersion circulator at 64 degrees Celsius.

  2. Cook the quail egg for at least 13 minutes in the immersion circulator.

  3. Make brioche crotons, by finely dicing some brioche bread; saute in clarified butter until lightly browned.

  4. Chop a small amount of fresh chives.

  5. Grate the cedar chips so that they are small enough to fit in a small, portable smoker. Assembly: 1. Cover the glass container with plastic wrap very tightly.

  6. Using a pastry tip, heat the tip and poke a small hole through the plastic towards one side.

  7. On the opposite side of the plastic-wrapped surface, make a quenelle of caviar and place the crotons next to the quenelle.

  8. Carefully crack the egg open, starting from the larger side of the egg. Place the egg on the croutons (between quenelle and crotons, so it does not run down the side of the surface).

  9. Put cedar chips in bowl of the smoker, aim the output into the hole you created with the pastry tip.

  10. Cover the hole with a teaspoon. Serve immediately. When the spoon is used to eat the egg, the smoke will escape and the diner will enjoy the smell of the cedar smoke while eating the egg.<


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