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  1. Concord Lime Jelly

  2. 4 pounds concord grapes

  3. grated rind and juice of 5 small imes

  4. sugar

  5. Wash grapes, drain, and stem. Put into large kettle and crush

  6. slightly. Do not add water. Cook for about 30 minutes, stirring

  7. occasionally. Pour into flannel jelly bag and let drain for several

  8. hours. ( or you can use four layers of cheese cloth - line pot with

  9. cloth, leaving large overhang over sides of pot. Pour in grapes.

  10. pull up cheese cloth into a bag and tie over broom handle set across

  11. two chairs and let drain overnight). Measure grape juice; bring

  12. to boil and boil rapidly for 5 minutes. Add lime rind, juice, and 3/4 cup sugar to each 1 cup juice. Cook until

  13. jelly sheets from spoon. Pour into hot serilized jars, and seal.

  14. Makes four or five 1/2 pint jars.


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