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  1. 2 heads yellow endive , (chicory)

  2. 2 heads red endive , (chicory)

  3. 5 tbsp mayonnaise

  4. 1 ripe pears , such as Comice, peeled, cored and sliced on a mandolin

  5. 200 g gorgonzola cheese , cut into slices

  6. 6 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

  7. 2 tbsp red wine vinegar

  8. 2 tbsp water

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  1. Method 1. Cut the bases off each head of endive so that the leaves come away easily. Trim the bottom sides of each leaf diagonally so they end with a point. Thinly slice the trimmings.

  2. For the vinaigrette: whisk all the ingredients together.

  3. Put the whole endive leaves in a bowl, season and toss with the some of the vinaigrette.

  4. Put the sliced leaves in another bowl, season and toss with remaining dressing (you may have a little dressing left over).

  5. Using a plastic, squeezy bottle, drizzle the mayonnaise on 2 plates in a zig-zag pattern. Alternatively, thin the mayonnaise down with a little water and drizzle it on with a spoon. On each plate, arrange alternate yellow and red endive leaves in a circle, with their points facing outwards to look like petals of a flower. Pile some of the trimmed leaves and pear slices in the centre, then lay slices of gorgonzola on top (don't worry if it breaks up into pieces).

  6. Drizzle a little more mayonnaise over the top and serve immediately.


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