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  1. Magloube

  2. To serve four 1 medium sized chicken

  3. 3 medium sized aubergine

  4. 1 1/2 mug rice

  5. 1 Magi cube (or any chicken stock)

  6. Vegetable oil (for frying the aubergines)

  7. salt

  8. pepper

  9. cardamons (crushed)

  10. a bit of cinnamon

  11. cumin Wash the rice and let it to soak until you have finished with the

  12. rest of the preparations.

  13. Start by chopping the chicken as you like, put it in the pan in

  14. high heat until it starts boiling, then add the spices (use your

  15. adventurous creativity on the quantity; personally I prefer it

  16. spicy), and reduce the heat to medium. The longer it takes to cook

  17. the better! Leave to boil until the chicken gets tender.

  18. Cut the Aubergines (with out peeling them) into rings of about 1

  19. - 2 cm thick, and fry in the oil to brown them. Use kitchen paper

  20. to drain the oil.

  21. Now you get a pan and start arranging the layers of Magloube. Put

  22. the pieces of chicken first in the bottom, then the fried aubergines

  23. 4 or 5 slices for decoration of the tray later

  24. Then spread the rice on top and level it. Take the usual amount of

  25. 2 water/1 rice

  26. I think). Better use the water you boiled the chicken in: It keeps

  27. the taste

  28. you can dissolve the Magi cube easier! Put the pan on

  29. High heat until the water on top of the Magloube starts boiling.

  30. Reduce to LOW and check from time to time to see the water

  31. disappearing. (An old fashioned test is to take a dry long knife

  32. and insert it VERTICALLY into the Magloube till you hit the base

  33. of the pan. Pull it out and you will see if there is water at the

  34. bottom of the pan. Like testing the oil in your car, isn't it ?).

  35. While it is cooking, you can prepare a vegetable salad (tomatos,

  36. cucumber, onions, parsley, lettuce, all thinly sliced, plus olive

  37. oil). It goes very well with this dish.

  38. Once it is ready you can leave it to settle for 5 - 10 minutes then

  39. bring a big dish or tray and invert the pan on it. If you burnt it

  40. in the bottom it is the sign of a good Magloube and eat the stuck

  41. base; it is the tastiest of all! Serve with the salad and some

  42. plain yogourt.


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