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  1. Version 1: Keerat's Chole

  2. 5-6 pieces of garlic cloves

  3. 3/4 onion

  4. salt

  5. kacha morich

  6. ginger

  7. 1 can (8 oz) tomato paste or actual tomatoes

  8. 1 t jeera ( cumin )

  9. 1 t turmeric

  10. 2 potato es cubed

  11. 1/2 t chana masala

  12. 1/2 t black pepper ground

  13. 1/2 t methi ( fenugreek )

  14. 1 t garam masala

  15. 3/4 t paprika powder

  16. fresh cilantro chopped

  17. 2 c cooked garbanzo beans (cholar daal)

  18. 1 cup of love Version

  19. 2: Chole Aloo

  20. 2 cups of Chick peas, soaked and cooked in

  21. 3 cups of water with a bit of Baking soda and Bouquet Garni bundle or use

  22. 15oz canned Chickpeas as I did,

  23. 2 Red potato es, I peeled, cubed and cooked or deep fry these as the book says,

  24. 2 tbsp oil and 2 tbsp ghee, (or use 1/4-1/2 cup desi ghee if you are brave!)

  25. 2 Bay leaves,

  26. 1 tsp Cumin seeds,

  27. 2 small onion s, grated or ground coarsely,

  28. 1 tbsp Garlic paste,

  29. 1/2 cups Tomato sauce ,

  30. The Bouquet Garni/Spices:

  31. Bouquet Garni is, you are supposed to tie these in a cloth, put it inside the pan and boil with with Chick peas and water until it cooks and take it out to discard.

  32. Instead, I ground all these to a paste and added to the masala to the pan fry in oil lightly.

  33. 2 Black Cardamom s/Moti Elaichi,

  34. 1" cinnamon stick/Dalchini,

  35. 1 tbsp roasted and crushed Coriander seed s,

  36. 2 Green chillies,

  37. 2 tbsp Ginger paste,

  38. 1 tsp Deghi Mirch pd/ Paprika ,

  39. 2 tbsp Cilantro

  40. Garnish:

  41. Thinly sliced Ginger /Julienned,

  42. 2-4 green chillies, stuff with

  43. 1/2 tsp Amchur/Mango pd,

  44. 1 tsp Garam masala

  45. (In a separate pan, shallow fry ginger slices in oil until crisp, take them out. Fry stuffed green chillies for a minute until bright green. Take out and cool.)

  46. 1/2 tsp crushed Kasoori Methi/Dry Fenugreek leaves.

  47. 1 tsp Amchur /dry Mango powder,

  48. salt , Lemon juice.

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  1. Version 1:

  2. Blend garlic and onions for a few mins.

  3. Get a big pot, put some olive oil in it, stove should be on high, right after oil, add onion and garlic mix.

  4. keep mixing and once it starts to boil, turn the stove on medium.

  5. always add a little water if the torka is getting burned.

  6. add some green pepper and ginger.

  7. you can put the lid on at this point but remember to stir frequently (1-2 min intervals).

  8. Once the torka gets to medium brown (took us close to 30 min), add 1 can of tomato paste.

  9. Add 1 t jeera and turmeric.

  10. Add 2 cups of cooked garbanzo beans.

  11. Cut up 2 potatoes into medium-small size pieces and add those in the pot.

  12. Add 1/2 t chana masala (if you want), 1/2 t black pepper, 1/2 t methi, 1 t garam masala, 3/4 t paprika.

  13. Cut up some cilantro and add that in.

  14. Put the lid on and stir occasionally for ~ 8-10 mins.

  15. Add 1/2 cup of water.

  16. Add salt to taste.

  17. Serve with cilantro and love.

  18. Version 2:

  19. Heat ghee and oil. Add bay leaves, cumin seeds, then Onion anf fry until light brown. Add green chilies, bhunno/fry for a minute.

  20. Add garlic paste, saute. Add in Paprika/Deghi mirch pd, until masala leaves the sides of the pan.

  21. Now add the Bouquet Garni paste, my style if you are not using in the chole cooking water, to the pan and fry lightly and add all chickpeas with it’s water or 2 cups water or more, tomato sauce, simmer for 20mins or you see the pil on top of the gravy.

  22. Now add cooked or fried Potato cubes, mix gently. Adjust the seasoning.Take of the heat.

  23. Finally, sprinkle garam masala, Amchoor pd, lemon juice if needed, dry fenugreek or Kasoori Methi and mix well.

  24. Before serving, garnish Chhole with shallow fries ginger, stuffed green chillies, Cilantro and serve with Bhature and Gajar Halwa!


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