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    VitaminsA, D
    MineralsPhosphorus, Molybdenum

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    1. 8 Heads Garlic

    2. 4 tb Butter

    3. Springs of Fresh Rosemary

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    1. Fresh Oregano also may be used.

    2. Place whole heads of garlic, prepared as for Roasted Garlic, on a sheet of heavy-duty foil.

    3. Top with butter (4 T per 8 Heads) and a few sprigs of fresh rosemary or oregano.

    4. If fresh herbs are unavailable, substitute dried (2 t of dried herbs for 8 heads of garlic).

    5. Fold the foil over the garlic and seal the package well.

    6. Cook over hot coals for about 45 minutes, turning the package occasionally with tongs.


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