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  1. Ingredients: 3 habanero peppers kosher salt honey (I've tried clover) Smart Balance Omega Cooking Oil

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  1. Description: This dish will sneak up on you! STEP 1: INFUSE! The key to the heat is infusing the habanero oil into the cooking oil. I did this by slicing the habaneros as finely as I could. (You may want to use rubber gloves) Then dropping them in a container of oil and leaving them in the fridge for between 2 and 5 days. STEP 2: BLEND The morning of the grilling, pour some of your infused oil into a dish and begin stirring in some honey. STEP 3: TEST The key to this is "TO TASTE" because this is a very difficult project. You'll notice that the honey and oil do not want to blend. This is ok - just blend it as much as you can. The test for when you are done is when you have someone who doesn't know what you are cooking taste it. If they take a taste and say "Honey." - and then 5 seconds later their eyes get big. Then YOU KNOW it's a good mix. STEP 4: PREPARE CHICKEN Prepare your chicken breast however you do before grilling. A pinch of kosher salt never hurts! Commit SOME of your honey-habanero mix to marinating the breasts, but leave enough unspoiled to brush on later. Set the chicken to marinate. STEP 5: GRILL When it comes time to grill, grill as you normally do. The honey will give your chicken a very nice, golden color. STEP 6: BRUSH As soon as the chicken is fully cooked and comes off the grill, get your brush and stir up the unspoiled honey-habanero mix. Once the honey seems to be grabbing some oil again, brush generously on both sides. STEP 7: TEST Take a chef's test to make sure you taste the same "Oh honey" - THEN 5 second delay habanero kick. STEP 8: SERVE!


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