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  1. habanero* chili peppers (Quantity: 10

  2. hot to 100 Very, Very, Very Hot!

  3. )

  4. 4 cups (or more) chili peppers*

  5. bell, Big Jim, Brazilian, cascabel, cayenne, chawa, cherry, chilaca, chiltepin, de agua, de arbol, Dutch, fiesta, fips,

  6. fire-cracker, guajillo jalapeno, tabasco, serrano, scotch bonnets, macho, guero, huanchinango, Jamaican hot,

  7. Korean, malagueta, manzana, Mexi-bell, mirasol, New Mexican, pasilla, pepperoncini, pequin, Peruvian, pimento,

  8. poblano, rocotillo, sandia, santaka, Sweet Itailian, tepin, Thai, yellow wax, etcetera! Add them! The more the

  9. better. The idea here is to make some HOT and delicious sauce.)

  10. 1 pineapple*

  11. 4 papayas (or mangos, or other tropical fruit)*

  12. 3 onions (large white or brown)

  13. 2 cups white vinegar (apple cider, or red wine vinegar okay)

  14. 2 cups filtered water

  15. 1 tablespoon Hawaiian salt (or Morton's, or sea salt from the sea)

  16. 5-6 full garlic heads (yes, 2-4 cups of fresh prepared garlic cloves)

  17. 1/4 to 1/2 cup local Hawaiian honey (or Honey Bee, what's available)


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