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  1. 1 whole(s) Duck

  2. 1 large package sauerkraut (unrinsed)

  3. 8 medium potatoes cut in half

  4. 8 whole(s) onions, peeled

  5. 12 small baby carrots

  6. Salt and Pepper to taste

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  1. Clean and drain duck. Stuff cavity of duck with unrinsed, and undrained sauerkraut. Spread remainder of sauerkraut in bottom of baking dish. Place duck on top of sauerkraut. Place onions, carrots, and potatoes around the duck. Salt and pepper the top of the duck and vegetables. Cover and bake at 350 for approximately 1 hour. Bake uncovered for about another 45 minutes, basting the top of the duck and vegetables several times.


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