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  1. 2 large oranges

  2. watermelon, peeled, seeds removed and scooped into balls

  3. 1 pomegranate, cut in half and seeds removed

  4. 6 black seedless grapes, halved

  5. Aerosol dairy cream (eg Anchor iScream)

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  1. Take each orange and using a sharp knife cut the top off the orange.

  2. Cut into and through the orange flesh, making two diamond shapes for eyes. Do a zig-zag to create the mouth and teeth.

  3. Pull out the cut-out shapes and carefully scoop out the orange flesh (the flesh can be squeezed into a glass and drunk).

  4. Stuff the orange with the fruit and fill up the rest of the orange with a huge squirt of cream.

  5. Scatter with pomegranate seeds - and serve if you dare!


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