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  2. 1/4 pound oleo or butter

  3. 1 can eagle brand milk (no other will do)

  4. 2 boxes powdered sugar

  5. 1 tablespoon vanilla

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  1. Mix ingredients together. Chill this real good for a few hours or overnight. Then butter hands and roll into balls about 1-inch in diameter. Place on cookie sheets and return to refrigerator to chill again 3 or 4 hours. While waiting, melt good in double boiler 1 large package semi-sweet chocolate chips and 1/8 pound paraffin wax.

  2. Now take chilled balls from refrigerator, a few at a time, and put in palm of hand and make an indentation with thumb. Then place a well drained maraschino cherry in hole and roll in buttered hands until cherry is covered.

  3. Return to refrigerator to chill again for several hours. When chilled untilfirm, take out a few at a time and stick toothpick into ball with cherry in anddip into meltedchocolate and paraffin wax.

  4. Then set on buttered wax paper.

  5. Remove toothpick and with a spoon, take small amount of melted chocolate and swirl over top to cover hole from toothpick.

  6. Now you have chocolate covered cherries that are simply delicious.

  7. Makes approximately fifty.


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