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  1. 2 tubs of Kraft Strawberry Cheese About 1/4 cup Ghiridelli white chocolate chips, chopped Nabisco chocolate wafers, crumbled

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  1. I try to buy white chocolate mini-chips from King Arthur Flour Company, but they won’t ship them in the summer, of course, so I settle for Ghiridelli’s regular, chill them, and then chop them into small pieces. You can judge how much you want to add to your cheese. You have a choice of chilling the cheese mixture and rolling it into a ball, or doing what I do and just put it in a nice server. A brie baker is a really good size.

  2. Put about 8 wafers in a baggie and seal it shut. Take a rolling pin and continue to roll it over the bag until the wafers have turned to very fine crumbs.

  3. If you are serving your cheese in a dish, sprinkle the crumbs on top before you chill. if you have rolled your cheese into a ball, roll the chilled ball in the crumbs until it’s evenly coated. Voila!

  4. I serve this with plain old Town House Original crackers so that the strawberry flavor is primary, but a water cracker would be nice, as well.


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