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  1. 2 egg yolks

  2. 2 tbsp cornstarch salt and ground black pepper

  3. 4 skinless, boneless chicken breast halves, cubed vegetable oil For the sweet and sour sauce:

  4. 1 onion, sliced

  5. 1 small red pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 small orange pepper, cut into 1 inch pieces 1 lb can pineapple cubes in natural juice

  6. 1 tbsp cornstarch

  7. 2 tbsp tomato ketchup

  8. 2 tbsp light soy sauce

  9. 1 tbsp white wine vinegar

  10. 1 handful fresh cilantro leaves, to garnish

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  1. Preparation : Mix together the egg yolks, with a tbsp of water, the cornstarch, and some salt and pepper. Heat 2 inches of oil in a wok or deep frying pan. Toss the chicken in the cornstarch mixture and deep-fry in batches for 5 minutes or until crisp and golden. Drain on paper towels. Empty the oil from the wok to leave a thin coating in the pan. Stir-fry the onion and peppers over a high heat for 3 minutes. Drain the pineapple cubes (reserving the juice), add to the pan, and cook for a minute ot two. Mix together the cornstarch and a little of the pineapple juice to form a paste, then stir in the remaining juice, the ketchup, soy sauce, vinegar, and 1/2 cup water. Pour this into the pan and bring to a boil, stirring until the mixture thickens. Stir the chicken pieces into the pan and simmer for 5 minutes until cooked through. Check the seasoning then divide between bowls. Scatter the cilantro on top and serve. Enjoy!


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