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  1. 1 x Cabbage, red

  2. 1 x Salt

  3. 1 x Vinegar

  4. 1 x Sugar

  5. 1 x Celery seed

  6. 1 x Pepper

  7. 1 x Mace

  8. 1 x Allspice

  9. 1 x Cinnamon

  10. 30 hours. Drain all moisture from cabbage, and then place it in the sun, allowing to remain for several hours. Use sufficient vinegar to cover the cabbage, adding

  11. 1 cup of sugar to every gallon of vinegar, and a small quantity of each of the spices. Boil this together for 7 minutes and pour over the cabbage. Put in stone jars, cover and store in a cool place. Source: Pennsylvania Dutch Cook Book - Fine Old Recipe s, Culinary Arts Press,


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