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  1. 2 Or more ounces kirsch, to

  2. -taste

  3. 1 qt Heavy cream

  4. 1/4c Sugar

  5. 4 c Sliced fresh strawberries

  6. 8 oz Sliced toasted almonds

  7. 10 To 12 whole strawberries

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  1. + Two 9 inch Strawberry Sponge Cakes Slice each sponge cake in half horizontally, creating 4 layers.

  2. Brush or sprinkle each layer of sponge cake with a Tbsp.

  3. or more of kirsch, to taste.

  4. Whip the cream gently until it begins to thicken.

  5. Sprinkle the sugar on it and beat until the cream is soft but firm peaks form.

  6. Turn over the browned top of one cake layer and place it, brown side down, on a serving plate.

  7. Save the other brown top layer for the fourth layer of the cake.

  8. Spread a generous cup of sweetened whipped cream over the layer, then top with 1/3 of the sliced berries.

  9. Place a second layer of cake over the berries, smooth over it a generous cup of the cream and 1/3 of the berries.

  10. Follow the same pattern with the third layer, using the last of the sliced berries.

  11. Top with the fourth and final cake layer, brown side up.

  12. Spread most of the remaining cream on the sides and top of the cake, reserving some for cream swirls.

  13. Pat sliced toasted almonds onto the sides of the cake.

  14. Put remaining whipped cream in a pastry bag and pipe swirls onto the top.

  15. Place whole strawberries on top of or beside the swirls.

  16. Chill well before serving.


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