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  1. 3 lbs 1362g / 48oz Chicken - (to 3 1/2 lbs) - quartered

  2. 3 lbs 1362g / 48oz Garlic cloves - sliced (large)

  3. 1 1/2 cups 355ml Fresh lemon juice - (abt 8 lg lemons)

  4. 1/4 cup 15g / 1/2oz All-purpose flour

  5. 1/2 tablespoon 7 1/2ml Hot paprika

  6. 1 tablespoon 15ml Olive oil

  7. 1 cup 160g / 5.6oz Long-grain white rice

  8. 1 cup 62g / 2 1/5oz Yellow onion - thinly sliced (1 1/2 cups) (medium) Salt - Freshly-ground pepper - to taste

  9. 1 cup 110g / 3.9oz Mixed chopped fresh herbs such as dill, Mint, and flat-leaf parsley

  10. 1 3/4 cups 414ml Chicken stock or canned broth

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  1. Recipe Instructions Rinse chicken and pat dry. Discard giblets and neck or reserve for another use. Put chicken pieces and garlic in a shallow glass dish and pour lemon juice over. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight or at least 6 hours. Turn occasionally. When ready to cook, drain chicken, reserving lemon juice and garlic. In a large self sealing plastic bag, shake flour and paprika to combine. Add chicken in pieces and shake to coat. In a large nonstick skillet, brown chicken pieces in oil over medium-high heat until golden, about 5 minutes per side. Remove chicken and keep warm. Put rice in a 5-quart or larger crock pot and top with onion and chicken. In a small saucepan, whisk together reserved lemon juice, garlic, herbs, salt, pepper, and stock. Bring to a full boil and boil 1 minute. Pour over chicken. Do not stir. Cover and cook on LOW for 6 to 8 hours or HIGH for 2 1/4 to 3 hours. Transfer chicken and rice to a heated serving platter. This recipe yields 4 servings.


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