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  1. 450g peeled and shredded white radish

  2. 130 g shredded cabbage

  3. 50 g soaked to soften and shredded dried black fungus

  4. 80 g minced pork

  5. 50 g shredded spring onions

  6. 50 g peeled and shredded young ginger

  7. 50 g soaked and chopped dried prawns Seasoning(to taste) salt sesame oil First dough

  8. 300 g bleached all purpose flour

  9. 40 g sugar

  10. 1 egg beaten

  11. 40 g lard/shortening

  12. 115 ml water Second dough

  13. 300 g cake flour

  14. 150 g lard/shortening

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  1. Heat oil and saute radish, cabbage, black fungus, minced pork, spring onions, Ginger and dried prawns until fragrant. Set aside to cool. Combine first dough ingredients to form a dough Combine second dough ingredient to form a dough Roll first dough out until it is large enough to enclose second dough Place second dough in the middle of the first dough and bring sides up to enclose. Roll combined dough out and fold in the sides then roll out again. Repeat the process of folding and rolling out the dough a few more times. Leave dough in the refrigerator for 1 hour. Roll chilled dough out and fold dough in half and roll up tightly from the shorter end as with a swiss roll. Cut into 12 equal slices then halve each slice horizontally to get 2 semi-circular pieces. Stand each semi-circle on its freshly cut side. Using your palm, press each semi-circle down to flatten then roll each one out into a long strip. Spoon some filling on top, nearer one end of dough strip and roll dough up like a swiss roll to enclose filling. You should be able to see the layers of dough on the outside of the puff.(i followed how it was done in the video, it was much easier) Repeat to make more puffs. Heat oil for deep-frying. Fry puffs for 3 - 4 minutes over LOW HEAT. When puffs are g olden brown, increase heat briefly. This reduces the absorption of oil into the puffs and also ensures that they are crispy. Remove and drain well. Serves


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