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VitaminsB3, H, C

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  1. 1 each X Lge Pancake

  2. 2 eaches X Poached or fried Eggs

  3. 3 eaches X Orange Slices

  4. each 2 x Cherry Tomato

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  1. Make the pancakes in advance and set them in oven to keep them warm.

  2. Poach or fry the eggs. To assemble the faces, place the pancakes on a plate, with eggs for eyes, orange slices for ears and mouth, and a tomato half for the nose.

  3. NOTE: For a lighter meal, omit the eggs and use apricot or peach halves for eyes and half a fresh cherry for a nose. Or, omit pancakes, assemble eggs directly on plate, and add a smile made from chopped, sauted potatoes.


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