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  1. 1 Bottle of Tequila

  2. Corona Beer

  3. 4-6 boneless chicken breasts/strips

  4. 1 Green Pepper

  5. 1 Colored pepper -red, orange, yellow (depends on your taste)-maybe add more peppers is desired

  6. 1 Onion -white or yellow

  7. 3 Lime s

  8. 3 cloves of garlic

  9. 1 Bottle of Mojo (or similar Cuban marinade )

  10. 1 Package of fajita season mix or make you own*

  11. 10 soft shell tacos or fajita shells, etc.

  12. OPTIONAL:Sides

  13. Lettuce

  14. Shredded cheese

  15. Tomato es

  16. Salsa

  17. Black Beans (cooked in pan with some lime juice, cumin and salt)

  18. Refried Bean s

  19. Hot Sauce

  20. Fajita season contains Cumin, Salt, Chili Powder and hot sauce , added to meat to taste.

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  1. Open a bottle of beer and start drinking, wash and cut you limes. Set aside.

  2. Cut peppers and onion, slice into medium/thin strips, do not chop. Place onions and peppers into a bowl, add juice of half of one lime, add enough mojo mix to almost cover peppers and onions. Cover and place in refridgerator. Cut chicken in similar fashion of peppers, into long medium/thin strips. Put chicken in bowl and add mojo mix and juice of one half of lime, cover and set in fridge. Marinate both chicken and vegetables for about an hour.

  3. During this time, do a shot of tequila and have another beer. Prepare sides, beans, cheese, etc and set into bowls.

  4. In a large frying pan or wok add olive oil and cook chicken (do not add mojo mix) until no longer pink. Add vegetables (leave mojo mix) into pan and stir fry, add a few tablespoons of the mojo mix, stir fry until cooked through, add about 1/4 (or a bit less) of leftover vegetable mojo anf fajita mix. Continue to stir fry until sauce thickens. Leave on low heat.

  5. Have another beer.

  6. Set up sides and prepare fajita shells (heated in oven in tinfoil and butter, or just from package).

  7. Start an assembly line and enjoy.


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