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  1. 2 C long grain chinese white rice

  2. 1 large can (49 1/2 oz.) chicken broth

  3. 2 skinless boneless half-thawed chicken breasts OR catfish fillets(Marinate with salt, sugar, sesame oil , 1 raw egg, white pepper, shaosin rice wine etc.) Optional: ginger, green onion, sesame oil , soaked dried scallop to taste. Special equipment:

  4. 8 quart pot, or the biggest one you have

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  1. Put rice in pot and rinse with water twice. Drain water. Pour the chicken broth into pot, then add water until liquid is 2" below rim. Heat on stove with high heat until contents come to a rolling boil. Water should dance on surface. Stir frequently so rice doesn’t stick to bottom. While waiting for boil prepare chicken. Marinate chicken and slice to thin strips. Sprinkle shredded ginger and green onion on chicken to marinate before adding to the jook. Lower heat slightly to prevent boil over. Add hot/cold water occasionally if necessary. Stir often, watch pot to prevent boil over. Keep boil until contents reach desired texture. Add chicken and various ingredients to taste. Once chicken is cooked (about 5 minutes), serve hot. Served topped with green onion, ginger, soy sauce and sesame oil. Variation: For plain jook, omit the meat and toppings. Serve with Chinese spicy pickled radish, shredded bamboo shoots in chili oil, fermented bean curd, etc.


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