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  1. 4 small chickens. olive oil

  2. 1/3 lemons

  3. 1 juiced,

  4. 2 halved 1 or black pepper.

  5. 4 toes garlic minced.brickes

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  1. butterfly the the minced garlic under the skins of the flattened butterfly a lg bowl,wisk the oil and lemon all over the chickens.season liberally with the red or black pepper.refrigerate for 30 min.preheat the grill,or cast iron the chickens skin side brick on top{to keep chicken flat}.cook until golden brown and crisp.turn the chickens,replace bricks on top.cook til brown and crispy.chicken is done when juices run plate,place chickens skin side up,drizzle with olive oil.sprinkle with pepper{the one used to cook the chicken}serve with a toss salad.


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