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  1. 3 to 3 1/2 lb is nice Carrets Peeled potatos red or white Peeled or with skin. red wine

  2. 2 envelops Lipptens onion soup mix

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  1. How to make it You must Heat oil. To test if hot enough to cook drop a pinch of flour in the oil and see if it bubbles. BUBBLING IS READY. While oil is getting ready have your meat out and flour it. Then place the meat in the HOT oil and fri it. Let there be a light crust on the beef. Fri all the sides. When fineshed set aside. Now mix up your 2 envelops of lipton ( DRY ) onion soup mix with 3/4 cup of Red Wine. Mix well Ok now peal 4 to 6 carrets. Then cut into the size you like to serve. Now peel 6 to 8 potatos if you like or leave on skin. If you wish to leave on skin only do so with potatos NOT carrets. Wash potatos well if skin is left on. Now arrange vege's in battom of slow cooker then place in the reoat. Now poor the wine / soup mix in on top of reost. Now if you want to make the gravy thicker then add a little floure to the Wine soup mix. I always add 1/2 cup more Red Wine in the last 2 hours to make it more flavorful. Close


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