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  1. Ingredients : Here are their picks: **Dried Oregano (Italian cooking--need we say more?) **Dried Mint (for Mediterranean dishes, Greek, etc.) **Curry Powder (Indian dishes and more) **Bay Leaves (Soups, stews, etc.) **Ground Cumin (used in Mexican, Middle Eastern, Indian-- such a great flavor!) **Ground Allspice (A key ingredient in baking, adds Latin and Caribbean flair to dishes) **Black Peppercorns (for every and all dishes- great to coat meat before grilling) **Paprika (Hot? Sweet or Smoky? It adds flavor as well as wonderful color to dishes) **Ground Cinnamon (Desserts, Baked goods; North Afridan and Middle Eastern dishes) **Dried Chiles (They offer spice, smoke and richness to many dishes)


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