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  1. 21a Variations continued...

  2. 1. CUT-OUTS: On floured surface, roll chilled dough to

  3. 1/4" thick.

  4. 1 egg yolks with

  5. 1 tsp. water. Divide egg mix into 4-6 small bowls or a muffin pan. Use only a small amount of food color in each. Paste coloring will result in more intense colors than liquid food coloring. Use food paint brushes or cotton swabs to paint cookies. Colors intensify during baking. Or decorate after baking by piping frosting onto cooled cookies. The number of cookies will vary depending on size and shape of cutters. Egg-based paints should be used ONLY before baking.

  6. 2. SPRITZ: If desired, beat or fold in food color into dough. Fill

  7. 35 using 1 dough disk.

  8. 3. CHOCOLATE CARAMEL MARBLES: Melt and cool

  9. 4 oz of chocolate. Knead

  10. 1 dough disk, just enough to achieve marbled look. Cut 6 caramels into quarters. Form a

  11. 3/4" ball of chocolate marble dough around each caramel quarter. Place on baking sheet. Chill

  12. 20 min. Bake

  13. 15 min. Makes

  14. 24. 4. MACAROON WREATHS: Tint

  15. 1 disk of dough and 2 cup of coconut with

  16. 1 cup of green coconut. Roll into 24 tubes about 5" long. Join ends to form a wreath. Brush with egg white. Sprinkle with remaining

  17. 1 cup coconut. Dab a tiny amount of egg white on wreath and place

  18. 5 red cinnamon candies on each wreath. Bake

  19. 15 min till slightly golden. Makes

  20. 24. --


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