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  1. 500 g 4 x Veal Cutlets

  2. 125 g Raw Ham thin slices

  3. 4 Eggs

  4. 1 pn Flour

  5. 1 tb Butter or margarine

  6. 1 pn White pepper

  7. 2 ts Cornstarch

  8. 1/2 pt Water

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  1. Cook the eggs for about 8 minutes. Flatten the veal cutlets. Cover with ham. Wrap the eggs in the cutlets. Roll in the flour. Heat butter in a saucepan. Brown the rolls from all sides. Add water and cook gently for 30 minutes. Take the swallownests out and keep warm. Mix the cornstarch with a little water. Add mixture and pepper to the sauce. Make it cook one more time. Pour over the swallownests and serve. Combine with mashed patatos and vegetables.


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