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  1. 1 cup Green clay

  2. 1/4 cup Sea salt

  3. 2 tablespoons Olive oil (or choice of essential oils such as lavender, sandalwood and sage)

  4. 2 cups Mineral or spring water

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  1. Directions Bring the mineral or spring water to boil and dissolve the sea salt in it. Add the green clay and make a fine paste and finally add the essential oil. Apply the paste of these slimming body wraps to your body and wrap it with warm moist wrapping cloths or thin plastic wraps. Let the wrap work its way for 30 minutes when you can lie down and relax. How to Use Take a shower with lukewarm water after half hour for a couple of days, after applying the body slimming wraps. Let the wrap work its way for these days. After these days or regular use, take a very warm shower to allow the toxins to be released through the open pores of your skin. Do Body Slimming Wraps Work? As the proverb goes ‘As you sow so shall you reap’. Similarly if you take good care of yourself and live a healthy lifestyle with the right kind of diet the effect is bound to stay on for longer. If not you will be back where you were in no time. Another important thing to remember in these body wraps for weight loss , the type of lotion used in body slimming wraps should be appropriate. As these lotions greatly influence its effect on the body. So a ‘clay’ body slimming wrap may be the right choice if you are focusing on weight loss and skin tightening. If you don’t want to get the entire body wrapped with these wraps, then you can focus on particular body areas. You can concentrate on reducing reducing the fat from these body parts or making them firm with the help of body slimming wraps. To give you an example for do body wraps work , thigh slimming wraps and arm slimming wraps. In these cases you need to apply the lotion only on the intended body parts and follow the same steps as mentioned above. Things to Remember Before Using the Wraps Check the contents of the clay being used in the wrap. Sometimes clay contains metals which your body may not support, such as aluminum and may also elicit an allergic reaction. Make sure you drink plenty of water during and after the treatment as this process involves dehydration of tissues, that can lead to nausea and body ache if your water intake is low. See to it that the slimming body wrap treatment is not interfering with any medication or treatment that you are under. Hence, always consult your doctor before using body wraps to lose inches , when under prescribed medication. Also consult fitness instructors and nutritionists to avail permanent or long lasting effects of the body slimming wraps.


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