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  1. 8 oz. purified water

  2. 2 tbsp fresh lemon or lime juice

  3. 2 tbsp maple syrup, grade B

  4. 1/10 tsp cayenne pepper Mix all the ingredients together and stir it well with a spoon. Your healthy lemonade is ready. It's that simple!

  5. Master Cleanse Instructions

  6. 10 to 15 days, during which intake of solid food in any form should be strictly avoided. All that one is allowed to have all throughout the day is the lemonade. Although, ideally that would mean about 6 to 8 glasses, but the lemonade can be had as many times as the individual feels hungry. That sounds quite strange, doesn't it? However, after the first few days, controlling one's hunger pangs won't be difficult at all.

  7. 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons of non-iodized salt with

  8. 1 quart of lukewarm water. Stir the mixture properly to make the salt water flush ready for consumption. You need to drink all the salt water flush. It may be difficult initially. Hence, start with drinking it in parts. In case one desires a change in the taste during the master cleanse diet, herbal laxative tea can be safely consumed before going to bed.

  9. Organic is the way to go when one is following the lemonade diet. Ensure that all the ingredients are organic. Avoid buying lemon juice from the market as that will contain preservatives to prolong its shelf life. The best option is to squeeze a fresh lemon at home itself. Squeezing the juice of half a lemon could be used with the amount of ingredients listed in this article. The maple syrup used should not be the one kept on the breakfast table. Use a grade B maple syrup. As far as the salt is concerned, strictly stick to the non-iodized ones.

  10. Coming Off the Diet

  11. 10 days, it would have got used to this condition. Hence, slowly reintroduce it to your normal diet. For the first two days drink several

  12. 8 oz. glasses of orange juice. Even while you drink orange juice, do so slowly. This will help the digestive system to start breaking down food more complex than lemonade, once again. End the second day with a bowl of vegetable soup. It could be any vegetable. Just avoid putting pieces of meat or meat stock into this soup. On the third day, have orange juice for breakfast, vegetables for lunch and a dinner that consists of vegetables, salads and fruits. From the first day one can resume taking normal food. However, since one has already tuned oneself to control hunger pangs and taken to healthy food habits, controlled consumption of fried, unhealthy food could be avoided or kept out of the diet completely.

  13. Just because you are off a solid diet, it does not mean that you have an excuse of avoiding exercises. The diet has all the ingredients that gives the nutrition and energy that an individual normally requires to go about his day-to-day activities as usual.

  14. The toxins that are lost in the process strengthens the body's immune system and promotes good health. Now that you know how to do the master cleanse, follow the master cleanse instructions precisely and give your body that wonderful gift of good health.

  15. By Debopriya Bose

  16. Last Updated: 9/20/2011

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