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  1. for Stuffed Or Farcied Roast Beef Recipe

  2. Top round that is two or more inches thick with excess fat trimmed off.

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  1. Moisten the crumbs with hot water, add the sweet herbs and other seasoning, pork and butter, mix all together, and add the beaten egg last.

  2. Put this on the meat and roll it up in a compact, well-shaped piece.

  3. When well secured, cut slashes in the top, taking care not to cut through to the stuffing, lay strips of clear fat in the gashes, dredge with flour as for a roast, and cook in the same manner.

  4. If any of the stuffing is left over, put it in one corner of the pan, and use it in thickening the gravy, adding 1/2 cup of tomato pulp or 2 tablespoons of tomato catsup.

  5. Serve garnished either with potato balls or mounds of mashed potatoes browned in a hot oven, with creamed onions as an accompaniment.


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