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  1. 3 Cans Creamed Corn

  2. 3 Can Whole Corn Drained Or Bag Of Frozen Corn

  3. 3 Cans EVAPORATED Milk

  4. 1 Small Onion Diced

  5. 1 Stick Butter

  6. 1 Bag Frozen Hash Brown Diced Potato's (OR you can dice them) Salt, Pepper, Garlic & Onion Powder To Taste

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  1. Preparation : Cover Potato's and Onion With Just Enough Water To Cover And Boil Till Tender (About 10 Minutes) Add Rest Of Ingreidents Heat Till Hot Great With Grill Cheese Sandwiches Enjoy A Good Chowder That Took No Time At All To Make!


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