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  1. Nut Roast

  2. 4-6 1 medium-sized onion

  3. 1oz (25g) butter or margarine

  4. 8oz (225g) mixed nuts, ie peanuts, walnuts, cashews 4oz (100g) wholemeal bread

  5. 1/2 pt (300ml) vegetable stock or water

  6. 2tsp (10ml) yeast extract

  7. 1tsp (5ml) mixed herbs

  8. salt and pepper to taste

  9. Chop onion and saute in the butter until transparent. Grind the

  10. nuts and bread together in a liquidizer or coffee grinder until

  11. quite fine. Heat the stock and yeast extract to boiling point, then

  12. combine all the ingredients together and mix well - the mixture

  13. should be fairly slack.

  14. Turn into a greased shallow baking dish, level the surface, sprinkle

  15. 350F/Gas Mark

  16. 30 minutes, until golden brown. Garnish with fried onion

  17. rings, if wished.

  18. Variations:

  19. Replace 1/2 the stock or water with red wine.

  20. Put a layer of mushrooms in the baking dish.

  21. Rissoles - Shape the mixture into 6 round cakes, coat with breadcrumbs

  22. and fry until golden brown

  23. Cottage pie - Add more liquid to give a loose mixture, spoon into a dish and cover with mashed potato

  24. Jacket eggs - Hard boil 4 free range eggs, leave to cool and shell.

  25. Cover with nut loaf mixture then breadcrumbs, deep fry until golden

  26. brown

  27. Nut loaf with cheese and tomato layer - Follow the basic recipe

  28. for nut roast, but only add 3-4 tbsp (45-60ml) of stock to give a

  29. firm mixture. Press half the mixture into a grease 1lb loaf tin.

  30. 2 sliced tomatoes and 2oz (50g) grated cheese and top

  31. with the remaining mixture. Bake as for nut roast. Leave to cool

  32. in the tin, then remove carefully. Wrap in cling-wrap or greaseproof

  33. paper and put in the refridgerator. Cut into slices.


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