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  1. 800g black sheep flank mutton

  2. 160g fresh winter bamboo shoot

  3. 480g crowndaisy chrysanthemums

  4. 40g black mushrooms

  5. Seasonings:

  6. Adequate amount each of salt, sugar, wine, pepper, sesame oil and MSG

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  1. Pour water in a pot, add ½ turnip (sliced), boil it over high heat until cooked, put the mutton in to boil for 15 minutes, take it out, wash it clean and cut it into large serving pieces.

  2. Cut winter bamboo shoot into angular pieces and scald them in boiling oil for use. Wash crowndaisy chrysanthemum clean and pluck them into lengths. Soak black mushrooms until soft, remove stalks and halve larger mushrooms.

  3. Heating oil in the pot, put the mutton of (1) in to sauté, transfer it into an earthen pot, add winter bamboo shoot and black mushrooms, pour 3 cups of water in, bring it to boil, add seasonings to mix well, reduce the fire to mild heat, boil the mutton until sufficiently cooked, add crowndaisy chrysanthemum into the bottom, bring the mixture to boil, stir starch solution in and sprinkle boiled oil in for serving.


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