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  1. Ingredients :

  2. 4 lb pork meat

  3. 1 lb salmon

  4. 1 lb carp fillet

  5. 1 lb trout fillet

  6. 1 lb Russian marinated boletus

  7. 1 lb crushed ice

  8. 1 lb fat bacon

  9. fish skin

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  1. Method :

  2. Take young pork meat, season it with salt, pepper, paprika powder and a teaspoon of herring juice. Then chop salmon, carp fillet and trout with a round wood until the fish is squeezed. Add salt and grated onion. Take mushrooms and mince them well with meat in a sausage maker grinder. Then add ice, fat bacon and mix thoroughly with meat mixture and fish and shape a sausage. Leave the mixture for an hour. Place the mixture into the skin and tie with a thread. And the last step - you smoke your kolbasa (if you know a good smoker's place ;-) or simple bake it in the oven on low heat.


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