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  6. 2 lb sugar

  7. 3 c cream

  8. Put into an enamelled saucepan two pounds of

  9. granulated sugar and three teacupfuls of thin cream or milk. Bring it gradually to the boiling-point,

  10. stirring all the time. Let it boil a few minutes.

  11. Test as for toffee, but do not boil it so high. When

  12. it has reached the consistency of soft putty when

  13. 245 F.

  14. from the fire. Add flavorings as below. Now put the

  15. pan into a basin of cold water and stir rapidly with a

  16. spoon. It soon begins to solidify round the edge, and this must be scraped off repeatedly. Keep stirring

  17. until the mass is sufficiently grained, and then pour

  18. it immediately on to a buttered slab. If too highly

  19. grained, it will not pour out flat; if too thin, it

  20. will be sticky. Only practice makes perfection. When

  21. sufficiently firm, mark into bars with a knife, or cut into rounds with the lid of a circular tin.

  22. Flavorings: Cinnamon. Add a few drops of oil of

  23. cinnamon Coco-nut. Add four ounces of coco-nut and boil for two minutes, then add a pinch of cream of

  24. tartar and remove from the fire. It should be

  25. vigorously stirred till quite creamy. Fig. Add a pinch

  26. of cream of tartar just before removing from the fire.

  27. Then stir in four ounces of finely chopped figs,

  28. previously washed and dried. Ginger. Add Two

  29. teaspoonfuls of ground ginger, dissolved in a little

  30. cold water, and (if liked) some chopped preserved

  31. ginger. Lemon. Add a small teaspoonful of essense of

  32. lemon Orange. Add the grated rind and juice of an

  33. orange Peppermint. Add a few drops of oil of

  34. peppermint Vanilla. Add a small tsp. of essence of

  35. vanilla. Walnut. Add half a tsp. of essence of

  36. vanilla, and four ounces of shelled and chopped

  37. walnuts. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


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