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  1. 8 oz Tricolor rotini

  2. 4 Boneless, skinless chicken

  3. Breast,halves

  4. 2 tb Soy sauce, divided

  5. 1 Oil

  6. 1 md Onion, chopped

  7. 1 md Green pepper, chopped

  8. 1 md Red pepper, chopped

  9. 1/2 Bunch fresh broccoli

  10. 1 ts Mrs. Dash

  11. 8 oz Lo-cal Italian dressing,

  12. Store bought or homemade

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  1. Cook pasta according to directions, chill in ice water, drain.

  2. Blanch broccoli in boiling water, chill in ice water, drain.

  3. Use 1/2 soy sauce to season the chicken, heat oil in no stick pan, brown chicken, and reduce heat and finish cooking.

  4. Don't overcook!

  5. Slice chicken into 1" strips, turn and cut into 1/4" pieces, place into bowl with other ingredients except dressing and soy sauce.

  6. Mix remainder of soy sauce into dressing and pour over pasta, chicken, and vegetables.

  7. Toss gently and serve immediately.

  8. You might like to leave the pasta, chicken, broccoli un-chilled and serve it semi-warm.


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