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  1. 300 g 150 g 3 tablespoons 5-6 tablespoons B :

  2. 150 g 120 g Glazing :

  3. 1 Filling :

  4. 90 g 4 300 g 150 g 1 1/4 teaspoon Plain flour, sifted Shortening/lard Caster sugar Cold Water Plain flour, sifted Shortening/lard Egg

  5. 1/8 teaspoon salt, beaten Oil Shallots, bruised Split green peas, cooked till soft, blended till smooth Sugar Salt

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  1. : Filling :Heat up oil, sauté shallots over low heat till aromatic and golden brown. Discard shallots. Add green peas paste, sugar, salt, stir to cook till the paste can leave the side of the wok. Remove, leave to cool and form into 40 small balls as filling. Skin :Mix all ingredients A and knead into a soft and pliable dough. Rest for half an hour and divide into 40 parts. B :Mix flour and shortening till just combined (do not over mixed) Divide into 40 parts. Wrap B with A to form into balls. Roll skin into a rectangular shape, roll up tightly like swiss rolls. Repeat another time the same way. Leave to rest for 15 minutes. Roll skin into thin rounds, wrap up 1 part of filling with each round to form into a small ball. Glaze with beaten egg and bake in a pre-heated oven at 190oC for about 20 minutes till golden brown.


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