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  1. 1/2ts Dry mustard

  2. 1/2ts Cloves

  3. 1 Potato; boiled & mashed -- HERB SAUCE --

  4. 1 Celery stalk; minced

  5. 2 1/2c Consomme

  6. 1/4c Butter

  7. 1/2c Flour

  8. 1 tb Parsley

  9. 1/2ts Sage

  10. 1/2ts Thyme

  11. 1/4ts Pepper

  12. 2 1/2c Flour

  13. 2 ts Baking powder

  14. 1 ts Salt

  15. 1/2lb Shortening

  16. 1/2c Hot water

  17. 2 ts Lemon juice

  18. 1 Egg; well beaten -- FILLING --

  19. 1 lb Pork; lean ground

  20. 1 Onion; finely chopped

  21. 1/2ts Salt

  22. 1 c Mushrooms; chopped

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  1. + Directions : For Crust: Combine flour, baking powder and salt in large mixing bowl. Measure in 2/3 cup cold shortening and cut into flour till mealy. Completely dissolve remaining 1/2 cup shortening in hot watrer (heat as necessary to dissolve). Cool. Add lemon juice and egg to water-shortening mixture. Mix liquid into flour mixture till dough leaves the sides of the bowl. Turn out onto lightly floured board and knead for about 1 minutes or till all flour is blended. Wrap in waxed paper, refrigerate for 1 to 12 hours. Roll out 2/3 of the dough and line a casserole dish. Reserve 1/3 for top crust. For Filling: Simmer meat and 1/2 cup water for 45 minutes. Add onion and seasonings and simmer for 15 minutes. Mix in mashed potatoes and cool. Place in bottom crust, top with remaining dough and slit crust. Bake at 400F for 30 minutes. For sauce: Simmer all ingredients except for flour, parsley and mushrooms for 1 hour. Add to sauce and stir till thickened, then add parsley and mushrooms Simmer for 10 minutes. Serve with tortiere.


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