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  1. Modeling Chocolate (see previous recipe)

  2. 48 ounces,

  3. 1350 grams

  4. 2 ounces,

  5. 60 grams

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  1. You can recreate this centerpiece using any size or shape of molds. I used an egg mold to create the body of the watering can and the bodies of the bunnies. I used 2 of the sizes of the round molds to create the heads and the smallest dome on that mold to make the eyes.

  2. To make the watering can: It is very easy to mold an egg. Use a ladle to fill the plastic mold with chocolate. When it is full, empty it into the bowl of chocolate. The inside of the egg should be evenly coated with chocolate. Wipe the edge of the plastic mold clean on the side of the bowl or with a knife and place it upside down on a wire rack placed over a baking sheet. Once the chocolate starts to harden, about 5 minutes, scrape the edge clean again with a paring knife. When the chocolate sets, it shrinks or retracts from the sides of the mold. A clean edge will keep it from sticking and cracking as it shrinks. You can place the mold in the refrigerator for several minutes to help the chocolate to harden.

  3. If the chocolate is properly tempered, it will easily release from the mold. To unmold , gently push down on one side of the molded chocolate and the opposite side will lift from the mold. Use melted chocolate to glue together the two halves. In a professional kitchen, a chef often heats a baking sheet and gently presses each half against the warm metal to melt the edges a little bit. Then we press them together and set aside until the chocolate sets.

  4. Cut a circle from heavy cardboard that is large enough to serve as a base for your watering can. Use a pastry brush to cover one side with chocolate. Set aside until the chocolate is set. Use this as the base for your watering can. Apply more melted chocolate to the bottom of the egg and glue it to the base. Allow it to set.


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