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  1. 3 cloves garlic minced

  2. 3 T chopped red onion

  3. 1 C thinly sliced mixed mushrooms -- crimini portobello shitake

  4. 1/2 t. dried tarragon

  5. 1/2 C fat-free

  6. 1/2 n

  7. 1/2 2 T cream sherry

  8. 1 lb. fettucine butter flavor cooking spray salt and pepper to taste chopped fresh parsley

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  1. Cook pasta according to package directions. Drain well. Spray sturdy skillet with butter spray and place over low heat. Add mushrooms, garlic, and red onion. Saute until onions begin to turn transparent (approximately 2-3 minutes). Add tarragon and cook until mushrooms are browned and tender (another 2-3 minutes) Add 1/2 N 1/2 and sherry. Simmer over low heat, stirring constantly, for five minutes. Add pasta and toss to coat. Season with salt and pepper. Garnish with chopped parsley. Yield: serves 4 Notes: I serve this with a mixed greens salad with a light raspberry vinagraitte or perhaps a lemon/olive oil dressing; asparagus broiled with olive oil oil, salt and pepper; and lowfat mocha cheesecake for dessert. I can be contacted with questions at or 308-530-2380 (cell) or via snail mail at P.O. Box 115, Thedford, NE 69166


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