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  1. 12 digestive biscuits

  2. 100 g butter , softened

  3. 1 tsp clear honey

  4. 2 lemons , finely grated zest and juice

  5. 1 tbsp icing sugar

  6. 500 g mascarpone

  7. 1/4 punnet strawberries

  8. 1 sprigs mint

  9. 150 ml raspberry sauce , to serve spun sugar , to serve

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  1. Lemon cheesecake Lemon cheesecake Lemon cheesecake Lemon cheesecake Lemon cheesecake Method 1. Crush the biscuits into small pieces and combine with the butter and honey. Put this mixture into 4 metal rings and press evenly into the bottom of the moulds.

  2. Stir the lemon juice, zest and icing sugar into the cheese, being sure not to mix it too much as this will cause the mixture to split. Taste as you go - if you have very juicy lemons you may not need all the juice.

  3. Spoon the mix into the rings and use a palette knife to press it down to prevent air gaps. Sit onto serving plates and remove the rings, loosening with with a hot cloth or blowtorch.

  4. Decorate the tops with the strawberries and sprigs of fresh mint. Spoon the sauce around the side and top with spun sugar.


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