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  1. 1 1 chicken

  2. 4 slices bacon

  3. 1 dozen pods of okra

  4. 3 ears corn

  5. 1 onion

  6. 3 qts water

  7. 6 large tomatoes

  8. 2 Irish potatoes

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  1. Instructions Cut chicken into serving pieces. Fry four slices of bacon in pan. Lift out bacon, reserving the grease. Dredge chicken with flour and saute in bacon grease. Pour one quart of boiling water over chicken and cook until it falls from the bone. While chicken is cooking, place vegetables in a pot with two quarts of water and cook until done. When chicken is done, cut finely and add, along with liquid, to the vegetables. Cook until thickened, season as desired and serve. .


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