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  1. 1 tablespoon low fat butter/olive oil

  2. 3 stripes of turkey bacon Salt and Pepper

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  1. Directions Melt the butter on a skillet kept on low heat. Add the turkey bacon to the butter and let it heat for about 5 minutes till they are lightly brown from both sides. Season with salt and pepper, and enjoy the crispy treat! You can even learn how to deep fry turkey bacon slices in a vessel with oil to make them very crispy. Turkey Bacon in Oven You can learn how to cook turkey bacon by other means as well, such as grilling, roasting or baking in the oven and follow a few cooking turkey tips while doing the same. Thus, you get the same crispiness and taste by cooking turkey bacon in the oven, as you would in a skillet, find out how. Ingredients 5 slices of turkey bacon 3 tablespoon butter Baking sheet Directions Prepare the baking dish by applying the butter on it. Arrange the slices of bacon the sheet and bake it for about 10 minutes at 375 degrees F. Drain the excess fat and then bake for another 5 minutes to get the crispiness. Make sure you don't overcook it, and remove it when it starts to look slightly brown. You can use these slices to come up with some Thanksgiving appetizer ideas . Turkey Bacon Sandwiches Another excellent way of having these hot and mouth watering turkey bacon stripes is by using them in other preparations like burgers, sandwiches and even salads. Mentioned below is a yummy bacon recipe for sandwiches, take a look. Ingredients 4 slices turkey bacon 4 slices toasted whole wheat bread 4 teaspoons low calorie mayonnaise 2 lettuce leaves Tomato slices Directions Cook the turkey bacon in a skillet with butter for about 5 to 10 minutes, till it turns light brown on both sides. Then start preparing the sandwiches. Spread about 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise on each toast of bread, top with turkey bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and other fillings if you like. Place the other slice of toast on it and cut into two haves. Serve with mustard sauce or ketchup! For some more great ways to cook turkey on this wonderful occasion of Thanksgiving, you can refer to the links mentioned below. How to Cook Turkey Giblets How to Cook Turkey Breast How to Cook Turkey Legs Cooking Turkey Breast How to Fry a Turkey How to Smoke a Turkey How to Roast a Turkey How to Bake a Turkey


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