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  1. 2007/02/nin-konew-year-prosperity-pudding

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  3. Taro

  4. Sweet Potato/Yam


  6. 2005/07/fritters.html

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  1. Slice nin ko, taro and sweet potato/yam into 1/4 inch slices of the same shape.

  2. Arrange the slices in this order - taro, nin ko, sweet potato/yam Heat up oil for deep frying.

  3. When oil is 350f, deep the arranged slices in the batter and put in to fry.

  4. Do not crowd as it will lower the oil temperature and the fritters will be soggy.

  5. Do not fry in too high heat as the taro and sweet potato/yam take time to be cooked.

  6. Increase the oil temperature by turning up the heat and remove a few ladles of oil to finish frying.

  7. Remove fritters with spider ladle and leave on a cake rack with kitchen towel at the bottom to cool.

  8. Enjoy Serves


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